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PMO Maturity Check

Take our 5-minute 20-question assessment to evaluate your organization's PMO maturity on our 3 point scale. 1 is on the lower end, 3 is on the high end, and 2 is somewhere in the middle. Free insights when you click submit!

1. How well-defined are the PMO's goals and objectives?
2. How engaged is executive leadership with the PMO?
3. To what extent does the PMO have a clear organizational structure and staffing model?
4. How standardized are PM processes, templates, and tools across the organization?
5. How extensive is PM training and certification within the PMO?
6. How sophisticated is resource management and capacity planning for projects?
7. How well integrated is the PMO with portfolio governance and decision-making?
8. How effectively is the PMO managing and enabling project collaboration?
9. How comprehensive are project reporting and communications?
10. How enabled are PMs for continuous improvement and organizational learning?
11. How effective are PMO staff mentoring and coaching project teams?
12. How sophisticated is the PMO's use of PM tools, automation, and analytics?
13. How well does the PMO support benefits realization management?
14. How well integrated is the PMO with strategic planning?
15. How proactive is the PMO with environmental scanning and emerging practice advice?
16. How well does the PMO capture and use organizational project data?
17. How engaged are business stakeholders with the PMO?
18. How effective is the PMO in managing vendor/contractor relationships?
19. How well does the PMO support program and portfolio management?
20. How strategic is the role of the PMO within the organization?
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