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PMO Readiness Check

Take our 5-minute 20-question YES/NO assessment to evaluate an organization's readiness for initiating a PMO. Free insights when you click submit!

1. Does your organization have clear strategic goals and objectives that a PMO could support?
2. Is there executive sponsorship and buy-in for creating a PMO?
3. Is there a clear understanding of what a PMO is and does?
4. Does your organization struggle with project delivery, including missed deadlines, cost overruns, or poor quality?
5. Do projects often lack clear goals, scope, requirements, and risk management?
6. Is there poor visibility into project status, issues, and risks?
7. Does a lack of standardized project management processes, methodologies, templates, and tools exist?
8. Is there poor coordination and communication between projects and functional groups?
9. Is there competition for resources between projects leading to delays?
10. Is there a lack of effective portfolio management practices to align projects with strategy?
11. Is there ambiguity around project roles, responsibilities, and accountability?
12. Is there a lack of consistent project reporting to stakeholders?
13. Is there limited project management expertise and professional development?
14. Is there no central repository for project documentation and historical data?
15. Is there duplication of efforts between projects?
16. Are project managers overwhelmed with administrative tasks vs. focusing on delivery?
17. Is there a lack of post-project reviews and continuous improvement?
18. Would there be executive support for funding a PMO?
19. Does the culture support process standardization and documentation?
20. Is there openness across the organization to adopt new practices and ways of working?
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