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PMO Initiation: Are You Ready?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) can provide tremendous benefits - consistent processes, standards, and tools, improved portfolio governance, and greater project visibility and control. However, a PMO may struggle to deliver on its full potential without the proper foundations.

Just as you wouldn’t start building a house on sand, you shouldn’t initiate a major organizational change like standing up a PMO before laying the groundwork for its success. Attempting to cram in new systems and structures without cultural readiness or strategic alignment will inevitably meet resistance.

That’s why assessing your organization’s readiness for PMO adoption and identifying gaps upfront is critical. This evaluation should examine factors like:

· Executive sponsorship and funding commitment

· Strategic alignment to business goals

· Understanding of PMO roles and value

· Project management maturity

· Cultural readiness for change

· Commitment across functions and groups

Being objective in this readiness assessment allows you to pinpoint where more advocacy, communication, or groundwork may be needed before pursuing a PMO charter. Finding the weak spots early prevents hitting roadblocks further into implementation.

It also allows you to potentially phase a PMO rollout, focusing initial pilots on high-need areas or functions most receptive to the change. This approach builds buy-in and capability iteratively versus trying to overhaul the entire organizational approach at once.

While creating a PMO can drive incredible efficiency, its success rests on the readiness foundations laid in advance. Don’t short-change the upfront evaluation and preparation work – it’s the best way to ensure your PMO hits the ground running and realizes its full transformational potential once launched. What is your next step to objectively assess your organization before implementation begins?

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